Uncle debo's stay-alive-longer combat training vol. III

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Uncle debo's stay-alive-longer combat training vol. III Empty Uncle debo's stay-alive-longer combat training vol. III

Post  Guest on Wed Jan 20, 2010 11:06 pm

Battlefield Communications

Communications during warfare are a very important way to keep your fleet alive and their fleet dead. If you don't understand what your FC(Fleet Commander) is asking of you, your part in the dance is going to fail, and you're likely to drag the whole fleet with you. Every combat fleet should be on some kind of voice server, be it TeamSpeak, Ventrilo, or the ingame EveVoice server. Even if you don't have a Mic, at least be able to hear with speakers or headphones or whatever. There is simply not enough time in an op like this to type all the necessary commands into chat. A basic primer in common fleet commands follows.

Clear Comms
This one shouldn't have to be used, but it frequently is. Simply put, it means SHUTTUP! Don't get all grumpy about it, just shut up. The FC needs to tell you what to do to get safe, or to get balls deep in the enemy. Try to maintain good discipline over voice, and use the chat window for non essential stuff.

Align To xxx
Align your ship to the named object by right clicking either the object, or in space, and then finding the object, and then the align to option. This will allow you to go instantly into warp when the FC fleetwarps the gang.

Jump On Contact
When you finish warp and land on the gate, immediately jump through. Sometimes called Jump on Land.

Hold on Gate
When you finish warp, wait within jumping distance of the gate. Do not jump through till the FC says.

The ship called as Primary is the one all damage dealing ships should concentrate on Killing as fast as possible. FCs will usually call a secondary for when the Primary goes down. Tacklers need to get the Primary locked down ASAP

As in "Get a point on the Primary" or, "I have 2 points on him" Points refer to warp disruption points. Tacklers need to be on the ball and get targets locked down so they can't escape and repair.

Hold Your Cloak
Once through a gate, stay still in space, so the enemy can't see your location if they're in sight. Stay put till the FC says move. (Slade Fox)

Warp to (MyName)
If you are scouting, or bait, or for some reason the point man in an op, always refer to yourself in third person. 'Warp to me' invariably winds up with a chorus of 'who said that?'. Warp to Vacca. just do it

If anyone has stuff to add, post it and I will update. These are not written in the bible or anything, but are just common ones. Listen to your FC, and follow his orders quickly and correctly, and if he's worth his title, he'll get you on the Killboard again and again.


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