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Post  Guest on Sun Feb 07, 2010 11:05 pm

Hey guys this is the first Op for the corp and or alliance i will be running, but not the last (to make things easier i wish i had communications officer roles, but thats besides the point) anyways this will be a moch up of fleet fights that will go down, now im gonna need some experienced people backing me up on this one too because im going to need multiple ships for people to shoot at and not kill. for this to be a good training i would like at least 8 people there to learn, and maybe 3 to help out. i will be running it next weekend on sunday at 2000 GMT (3pm EST) the training should take only upto 45 minutes at most then ill put what you all learned to the test in a roam. LD would be mostlikely where it will start we might move a few jumps.

being able to speak on audio is not a requirment, but listening is.


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