Uncle debo's stay-alive-longer combat training vol. I

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Uncle debo's stay-alive-longer combat training vol. I Empty Uncle debo's stay-alive-longer combat training vol. I

Post  Guest on Wed Jan 20, 2010 10:45 pm

First up, a word to the noobs

Non Consensual PvP is something you sign up for every time you undock in the Eve Universe. You will, in the course of your travels get in a fight at some point. Flying through lowsec and getting ganked, getting canflipped, being at war, all are very likely to happen at some point.

Now, a word on Pirates.
Pirates do what they do for one reason: It’s Fun. Most of them are not trying to make a lot of cash off of you. They have other means of Iskmaking. A Pirate’s fondest wish is to cause you to send him hatemail and make his mailbox flashy, or to smacktalk him in local. He will show it to all his friends and post it on all his forums. A Pirate’s highest goal is to cause a silly carebear to implode into an EmoRageQuit. Seriously. It’s funny as hell! Laughing

Now. Our job as Silly Carebears is to create as little fun for the pirates as possible. First and foremost, never, never, never smacktalk pirates in local chat!! They’re better at it, I promise. They will pounce on you and cannot lose, because the act of getting you to smack is all they want.

If you do get into a shooting fight with pirates, you’re more than likely going to lose most of the time, as they’ll be prepared and are ganking you because you aren’t. Regardless, FIGHT BACK! They’ll respect you more(somewhat) than if you just cry in local about what fucktards they are, ganking a defenseless blahblahblah. Even if you lose, type a ‘GF’ (good fight) into local chat. It costs you nothing, and takes the EmoRage fun out of it for the pirates. And once again, pirates respect toughness, and if you can take a beating and come out smiling and waving, just maybe they’ll say GF back and let your pod go. And then come home and we’ll plan a massive pirate hunting op and collect some frozen corpses of our own Twisted Evil

To wrap up, keep your head and stay professional. They’re not cheating, they just paid their 15$ or whatever to play the game their own way. They for damn sure can’t understand why you’d MINE all day long pirat


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