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I'm a broad & fairminded, 38 year old humourist from Denmark - younger brother of the lanky dude named Amyrjala - a recent addition to your fleet.
I've recently returned to EVE after a few years absence, lured mostly by the promise of companionship with my distant brother I rarely see due to him living in the far end of the country - and also the relative beauty of EVE.

Prior to my long break from EVE, I was involved with 2 corps apart from the rookie one, Hawk Empires & SunSpire Brigade - the former is closed, and the latter wich I was a co-founder of is in a deep coma.
So basically I'm seeking a new home in EVE, and the Val'andil Tribe has all the advantages - you have my brother on the roster, and I wasn't put off by your manifest. Rolling Eyes

[EVE Experience]

- How long have you been playing?

Well - my character was born 23.04.2006 and I played fairly stable for 10 months or so before I went for a break - and at the moment I've been playing for roughly 2 weeks.
So EVE experience is close to a year I guess.

- Which races and classes of ships do you fly?

I like the Gallente race, missiles that go boom & drones that do my fighting for me while I kick back has some appeal to me.. Wink
For missions I generally use a wide variety of ships, the mission itself dictates my choices - and they range from Retriever, BattleShip on down to Iteron and my ~2900 m/s microwarping Atron.

- Which ships do you plan to fly?

Truth be told it depends on the situation, or what's needed - I'm generally the adapting kind.


- Where is your character at, today; which skills do you have and what do you use them for?

At the moment I'd class myself as a jack of all trades, I can do combat & mining missions well enough and courier missions is a breeze for anyone in a capsule.
In Sunspire Brigade though, I was generally the guardian when we mined 04 & 03 systems - engaging & webbing anyone trying to jump us, at least long enough for the miners/transporters to get clear.
Used my Brutix for that, and should still be able to do so.

- Where is your character headed, which role would you like to fit?

I havent really thought about any direction in particular to be honest - so far my own needs has been met, and are growing - but they are more for soloing, or small groups.
There are still a lot of things that are new to me in EVE, the rookie agents were'nt in the game back when I actually started playing - and also the jury rigging of ships is new - so I do lack some skills in some departments, but I'm getting there - where there is remains to be seen yet I guess.

[More information about you]

- What do you mostly spend your isk on?

Not much to be honest, but upgrades for ships - ammo & implants. If icecream & liquorice ever becomes payable with ISK, let me know though..

- How often do you play and in which timezone? (this will not affect our decision)

My playtime varies - I also play WOW in a higly succesful guild on a european server, and I don't have any plans of switching to EVE completely - but on average, I'd be able to put in 16-20 hours pr week.

- Where or how did you hear about us.

I read about Val'andil Tribe in the tabloids I think, either that or my brother told me to look you up - its kind of a blur..

- Why do you think you would make a good addition to the corp.

To be perfectly honest, I hate blowing my own horns - its the toughest part of any type of application.
But - I am generally helpful if I'm able to help, I can be a lot of fun in a chat environment (judging from various lol's over the years at least)
And I'm able to put aside my own needs & ambitions for the good of the group I belong to.

Hope to hear from you soon, wall of text ending..

Jens aka ShardMogul


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Post  Guest on Sat Mar 13, 2010 9:55 am

Hello again,

I forgot to put in my timezone - that's GMT +1



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