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Post  Guest on Mon Mar 01, 2010 12:20 pm

For those of you who haven't read THIS the Mining Fleet will now be a mandatory formation, if you wish to have ship replacements from the Corp.

So, for those interested in the Mining Fleet, the Ranking Structure so far is:

Lead Foreman (LF) - Dexter Cane

Foreman's Apprentice (FA) - Jenadora/Kerafyrmm/Kikrr (All names are alts)

Miner First Class (MFC) - Min0ka and San Viene

I am still looking for someone who is interested in becoming our third MFC and will be looking for the 9 Miner Second Class (MSC) to make up the bulk of our mining fleet.

Anyone who is interested in joining the Mining Fleet, please Evemail Dexter Cane in-game. Also, please join the Tribe's Miner Mailing List by going to your Evemail and clicking 'Add Mailing List' then entering 'Val'andil Miners' in the box.

NOTE: The Mining Fleet ranks are not dependent on in-game skill level. The Fleet does not care if you can fly a Hulk, that does not automatically make you the FA or an MFC. Experience and time within the Fleet are the only things that will get you a promotion.


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