Mining Pilots Ranking System

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Mining Pilots Ranking System Empty Mining Pilots Ranking System

Post  Jaison Faelivrin on Tue Feb 02, 2010 7:35 pm

Mining Pilots

Lead Foremen: The Lead Foremen of the fleet is responsible for command and protection of whatever charge they are given. An Lead Foremen is also given the task to train the people he/she accepts into his/her fleet; there is only one Lead Foremen to a fleet.

Foremens Apprentice: The Foremens Apprentice of the fleet are responsible for helping in any task assigned to them by the Lead Foremen. The Foremens Apprentice are given command of five squadrons each consisting of ten members including the Miner First Class of the squadron.

Miner First Class: The Miner First Class of the Squadron are responsible for any task assigned to them by the Foremens Apprentice or Lead Foremen. MIners First Class are in command of their nine MIners Second Class.

MIners Second Class: The MIners Second Class are what make the fleet. To each squadron there are nine Miner Second Class who take direct orders from the squadrons MIner First Class.

To Become a part of the fleet you must contact the designated Lead Foremen and tell them what you can offer the fleet ...
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