AAR for the PvP Basics Class

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AAR for the PvP Basics Class Empty AAR for the PvP Basics Class

Post  Guest on Sun Jan 24, 2010 6:30 pm

A good run this afternoon. Class started late by about 75 minutes due to folks still enroute, but once we got everybody present and into frigs, it ran smoothly. Everyone was able to get on Eve Voice, and some had mics. We took a short trip around the local neighborhood, focusing on fleet travelling skills. Align to, Jump on Contact, Hold on Gate, Hold Cloak, Hug the Gate. Upon our return, we jumped an Iteron Mk V, which after an extended altercation, managed to barely escape the arena with 50% shields. After that, the class ended, pretty much. Some of the members took a trip around some lowsec areas, and found some nice fat rats, notably an 800Kisk bounty on a Sansha battleship, and a pair of Sansha haulers with more trit and pyerite than we could carry.

In general, a great op, everyone listened, and followed FC orders well. I look forward to flying some more of these with some more bullets involved.

Good job Everyone cheers


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