Results - Mining Op - Wednesday Jan 20

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Results - Mining Op - Wednesday Jan 20 Empty Results - Mining Op - Wednesday Jan 20

Post  Guest on Thu Jan 21, 2010 1:03 pm

Wednesday’s Mining Op for the Val’andil Tribe was a great success thanks to Chantasthea, Hannarin, Maya, Minoka, Misoka, San Viene, Sylvanasthia and Xanfayo. We mined a total ore volume of 20,046,504.

These were the final results:

Conc. Veldspar 6,111,370
Cond. Scordite 538,467
Dense Veldspar 482,840
Kernite 74,112
Lumi. Kernite 26,966
Mass. Scordite 181,353
Pyroxeres 1,804,920
Scordite 2,765,033
Solid Pyroxeres 136,123
Veldspar 7,846,690
Visc. Pyroxeres 78,630

Damara Pyrell
Galdor Tribe Elder


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