Results - Mining Op - Monday Jan 18

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Results - Mining Op - Monday Jan 18 Empty Results - Mining Op - Monday Jan 18

Post  Guest on Tue Jan 19, 2010 8:23 am

Once again we had another incredibly successful mining op thanks to San Viene, Chantasthea, Sylvanasthia, Minoka, Misoka, Uchihaltachii and RimBoa.

We managed to clear an entire belt in 4 hours 13 minutes, mining a total ore volume of 32,599,289. This was a 20% day so 6,519,858 were given to help strengthen and grow our home, the Val’andil Tribe.

Here are the final numbers:

Conc. Veldspar 4,240,690
Cond. Scordite 1,230,180
Dense Veldspar 770,310
Fiery Kernite 17,305
Kernite 74,520
Lumi. Kernite 21,064
Mass. Scordite 1,135,267
Pyroxeres 1,401,197
Scordite 1,957,727
Solid Pyroxeres 627,607
Veldspar 20,969,270
Visc. Pyroxeres 154,153

Damara Pyrell
Galdor Tribe Elder


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