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Combat Pilot Rankings Empty Combat Pilot Rankings

Post  Iluvenis Faelivrin on Sun Jan 17, 2010 5:58 am

So here is the promised ranking system for the combat pilots ... enjoy guys ... if there is any questions please feel free to ask ...

Combat pilots

Admiral: The Admiral of the fleet is responsible for command and protection of whatever charge they are given. An Admiral is also given the task to train the people he/she accepts into his/her fleet; there is only one admiral to a fleet.

Vice Admirals: The Vice Admirals of the fleet are responsible for helping in any task assigned to them by the Admiral. The Vice Admirals are given command of five squadrons each consisting of ten members including the Captain of the squadron.

Captains: The Captains of the Squadron are responsible for any task assigned to them by the Vice Admiral or Admiral. Captains are in command of their nine Lieutenants; Captains are solely around to protect the Vice Admirals and Admirals of the fleet.

Lieutenants: The Lieutenants are what make the fleet. To each squadron there are nine Lieutenants who take direct orders from the squadrons captains.

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