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Post  Iluvenis Faelivrin on Mon Oct 26, 2009 7:40 pm

Welcome to the Val'andil Tribe forum,

If you wish to apply to the corp, you must be aware of some general recruiting guidelines.

- All timezones are welcome.
- You must be able to type properly, in English. It is generally frowned upon when people start typing l!k3 z!s.
- We are aware that not all of you are native English speakers, so grammatical errors will be tolerated.
- We do not want anybody that flies outside ccp rules. Macros, illegal isk, exploits, etc will not be tolerated.
- We organize frequent corp ops, ranging from missions, mining, explorations and other things.
- We do not require you to be there for every one of them but be aware that they exist and that you can join in any op you wish.
- We don't have minimum play-time requirements and we do respect real-life responsibilities.
- You must know how to handle yourself if nothing is being organized in the corp.
- You must keep up with the forum, a lot of info goes through the forum, from corp ops to guides and general news, we try and keep people informed through here a lot.
- You must have a good sense of humor. This is a game, and we all are here to relax, jokes are often thrown around but you should never have to feel offended by them.

Application Format:


- Tell us a bit about yourself.

[EVE Experience]

- How long have you been playing?
- Which races and classes of ships do you fly?
- Which ships do you plan to fly?


- Where is your character at, today; which skills do you have and what do you use them for?
- Where is your character headed, which role would you like to fit?

[More information about you]

- What do you mostly spend your isk on?
- How often do you play and in which timezone? (this will not affect our decision)
- Where or how did you hear about us.
- Why do you think you would make a good addition to the corp.

End of application.

We will try to make our decision as quickly as possible, know that if you do not follow the application properly, things might take more time and your application may even be rejected or you might be asked to make a new one. Also, please make sure you read and agree to our guidelines.

To apply to the corp, make a new post with your in game name only.

Thank you for your time.
Iluvenis Faelivrin
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