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Post  Alex on Tue Apr 13, 2010 12:06 am

so im Alexander 22 German at the moment looking for a new job so i have quit a bit of free time i startet eve 3 weeks ago while stumpeling over an trial add and decided to try it in the trial i testet the 4 races and decided i want to play gallente with the fullacc im now playing for about a week my experience in eve is also more or less none existend
i played since 2005 wow and gave it up starting this year
for what i want i would like to play an combat pilot for the time being im aiming for the bc but i think in longer terms i would go for a marauder but im rather open and would play what the corp could need the most
the most of my isk up to now did go into skills
like i already said im form Germany ( cet / mez ) for the timezone ( eve time+2)
i ussualy play when i feel like it between 2-10h depends on the mood
i heard about your corp in the recruitment channel of eve and talked a bit with Kronos and thought that this is a nice place to grow up with and hopefully something for a long time

i hope my english isnt to bad
mfg Alex


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