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Snarble's tale and application Empty Snarble's tale and application

Post  Snarble on Sat Apr 03, 2010 3:25 pm

Hello all. After having a discussion and receiving some much needed advice from one of your Corp members, he pointed me to the site here to check out and possibly apply to the corporation. After some thought, here I am! I am US active duty military currently serving in the UK, but will soon be headed back to the states to finish off my career.

My brother actually introduced me to EVE, or just put the thought in my head. He had played for awhile and decided to quit, but not before he told me about it and said I'd probably enjoy myself here. With that said, I am new to EVE. I've been playing for about 3 weeks now. I'm playing Gallente at the moment. I liked the drone aspect of them, considering the fact that I am in the Navy, the thought of having a drones circle me like an angry mass of bees was sort of akin to our aircraft carriers. I have a Thorax and a Vexor that I tool around in, but am seriously putting thought into training my frigates up and grabbing myself a Ishkur, again, for the drone capability. Other than that, I just want to progress eventually to a Astarte.

As for my career, I can only say that I am a missionist? So I suppose you can say I am a little militant. Maybe I'll make an alt for industry once I get a better feel for the game itself, or maybe get into some hardcore scanning skills.

My ISK is currently spent on upgrades for my ships. again, not too much else since I am just starting out. If I should be spending it on other things, by all means send me in-game mail and tell me! I'm in the UK, so I'm on GMT+1 since daylight savings hit. I will be heading back to the US here soon though, and will be on Eastern US TZ come July. I usually log on for an hour or 4 a day when I can, weekends a little moreso.

I heard about the corp from Naibasak, who helped me with a little thief problem, as well as some really helpful advice. I have to thank him again for everything he helped with. You have a good corp member there.

If there's anything anyone needs and you see me on, if I can help in any way, I'd be more than happy to lend a hand. I am a helpful sort when I can be of productive use.

Thanks for the consideration and have a fantastic day!

Snarble - Gallente Carrier freak wannabe


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