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Hey, I just sent my application in-game and I'm writing here to tell you guys a bit about myself.
For those of you who do not know me (most of you), my name is Martin. I'm from Belgium and I'm a farrier/blacksmith irl. I'm 23 years old. I used to be part of the first Val'andil corp, though I'm quite ashamed to say, I kinda left without saying goodbye, due to loads of things piling up on me at that time... Eve was just not a priority at the time, I didn't take the time to tell anybody why I left, I just did, and for that, I'm sorry. Back in the first corp, I used to mine a lot, I have always been a miner and used to organise mining fleets with the corp which were a lot of fun.

[EVE Experience]

- How long have you been playing?
--- I've played for roughly 7 or 8 months I believe, but my account is over a year old, due to me leaving for a while.

- Which races and classes of ships do you fly?
--- I am Minmatar, I fly minmatar, I just don't like other ships... but you will rarely see in an actual minmatar ship as I either fly an ORE ship or a shuttle.

- Which ships do you plan to fly?
--- I plan to fly a Rorqual, someday.


- Where is your character at, today; which skills do you have and what do you use them for?
--- Today, Marion is flying an orca and is using her leadership skills to take part in mining ops and greatly boost miners and use her ship's cargo to haul. I have some manufacturing skills, loads of refining skills, mostly things that have to do with minerals.

- Where is your character headed, which role would you like to fit?
--- My character is headed towards bettering my leadership skills in order to provide the best boosts, I'm also a few hours away from flying a hulk, so that I can mine even better. I would like to fill my old role, which was to fleet up and rip up entire belts of their asteroids with other miners.

[More information about you]

- What do you mostly spend your isk on?
--- BPOs, research, skills.

- How often do you play and in which timezone? (this will not affect our decision)
--- I work a lot but I also have enough free time that I can dedicate to eve to not be a casual player, I am from belgium, therefor I am in GMT+1

- Where or how did you hear about us.
--- Got recruited a long time ago, left, came back to the game and my carebear heart skipped a beat as I saw that Val'andil was still going.

- Why do you think you would make a good addition to the corp.
--- Minerals, that's why I'll bring you, the root of everything in Eve.

End of application.

We will try to make our decision as quickly as possible, know that if you do not follow the application properly, things might take more time and your application may even be rejected or you might be asked to make a new one. Also, please make sure you read and agree to our guidelines.

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