Unofficial and Official Mining Ops

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Unofficial and Official Mining Ops Empty Unofficial and Official Mining Ops

Post  Guest on Tue Feb 16, 2010 1:18 am

As Lead Foreman, I would like to let you all know how Unofficial and Official Mining Ops will be working:

Unofficial Ops defined: Any mining ops involving corp members that has not been previously dubbed an Official Op (i.e. groups of miners getting together to mine)

Official Op defined: Mining Ops advertised by the Mining Fleet, either through myself, my Apprentice or any other designated member of the Mining Fleet

Mining Ops Corp contributions:

Unofficial Ops: 100% players, however, I encourage any of you who wish to donate a portion of your proceeds to the Corp to do so. It can also be arranged that a group who is mining together will donate a portion of what they mine to the Corp before splitting. PLEASE NOTE: Any and all donations to the Miner's Hangar should be made in unrefined ores!

Official Ops: 50% players (unless otherwise designated by Corp needs). The 50% Corp share will be split 40%/10% with 40% being placed in the Miner's hangar and 10% being sold and the profits being placed in the Mining Wallet.

For the Tribe,



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